Occult guide

What is the Occult? Occultism has many definitions with several beliefs and topics forming it as a whole.  Due to the fact that these topics go back thousands of years, the history of occultism may be explored in any time era.  From past to present, occultism is still studied and practiced globally.

Occult comes from the Latin word occultus, which means secret or hidden out of sight.  Used primarily to describe the study or practice of subject matter beyond measurable science.  Occultism has been a label for knowledge and understanding of paranormal activity, as well as many other topics.  The word ‘magic’ is highly associated with the occult.  In fact many magical societies and groups are described by and explained using many occult terms.  But occultism stretches far beyond, to also include nearly every religion and spirituality.

The studies of occultism have roots in many belief systems.  Magic is included in occultism and is a practice with various descriptions from people of all types of belief systems.  Alchemy is also included in occultism, and pertains to the reaching of truth.  The Trivium and Quadrivium are in occultism.  The Trivium describes a teaching which enables a person to take in information, process said information, and then use these understandings to have greater effect on reality.  Quadrivium is the collection of four teachings taught after the Trivium including; arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy.  The Quadrivium helps to connect universal patterns by laying out patterns found in each of the four teachings.  Religion is also a broad topic which falls into the studies of occultism.  And since Chaos magic is a belief structure also included in the occult, any and all beliefs and philosophies of the world may be studied and utilized.